PERIOD 1 BRIT.LIT HONORS: Currently, we are on schedule. Check the calendar in Week #9 if you have lost yours. Part I Study Questions will be due on Monday.

PERIOD 2, 5, AND 7
As you can probably tell, we are behind schedule about a day. Continue to check the website for updates or if you are absent.

Monday: Quiz on Chapter 2-4. Start Reading Chapter 5. Finish Chapter 5 for H.W.

Tuesday: Prose Fiction ACT Reading. Quiz on Chapter 5. Read Chapter 6 in class. Finish Chapter 6 and read Chapter 7 for H.W.

Wednesday: Quiz on Chapter 6-7. Finish reading Chapter 8 for Friday.

Thursday: Report Card Pick-up

Friday: Read Part II Chapter 1 in class. Read Part II Chapter 2 for H.W.

***Part I Study Questions due Monday